the Best BOARD development Solution
We can Provide a Smart Test Solution the IT Industry.

We focus on developing smart IT solutions.

The Best Board Development Solution
We can Design and Develop Boards for our Customers.

We have Excellent Technology for PWM, PID, and Voice Control.

Mission, Vision, Core value

Movement to create new value, leading the future.
We think of customers first and impress customers with the best products and services.
Smart and creative testing technology, high quality, global competitiveness to lead a better life, the future.

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The First Tower Pyeongtaek B411F

about us

SonMicroSystem supplies products not only to domestic but also to foreign countries with constant technology development and challenge.

In addition, we are expanding our business scope to PCB hardware design and vision system field and supplying to domestic and foreign companies. We will respond to customer needs efficiently and rapidly in accordance with rapidly changing market environment and will always try to work with customers.

Sonmicrosystem established in 1998

[Our Developments]

  • Semiconductor Regulator Tester.
  • Optical Pick-up tester.
  • LD/DVD Driver Tester.
  • LED/OLED Tester.
  • DSP Development for Semiconductor Memory.
  • Mobile Phone Voice Tester.


Moved Our Office to An-sung area.

Supplier registration for Samsung Electronics in 2013.

Award Minister(Ministry of SMEs and Startups) Prize in 2018.


Our Works

We understand your requirement and provide best quality works.
Development Reception

Receive proposals from customers

Development Review

Quick and thorough proposal Review.

Consultation and contract

Conduct development consultation and contract with customers.

Completed development and Service

Based on the discussion with the development proposal Completion of product development with top engineers.


Our Products & Focus

We understand your requirement and provide best quality works.

Mobile Phone Measurements

Movement to create new value, business that leads the future.

It is the first Smart Phone Voice (Speaker/ Microphone) inspector developed and supplied to famous companies.. 

PCB Artwork for High Technologies.

A company specializing in board design with expertise in various industries.

Multi-Layer PCB.

Impedance PCB System.

Control PCB.


Optical Applications

Optical Vision Inspector

Product surface inspection.

PCB pattern inspection.

Surface mount component inspection.


OLED Electrical testers,

LED / LD Applications

It is the electrical characteristics /optical characteristics meter of mobile OLED Display Cell inspection solution and LED/LD chip and package module products.


Main Customers

We understand your requirement and provide best quality works.


● LED / LD Application


If you need our help, Send to Email.

We understand your requirement and provide best quality works.


The First Tower Pyeongtaek B411F, 140 Jinwi2Sandanro, Jinwi-myeon, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 17713