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SonMicroSystem Solution

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Mobile Phone Measurements

Movement to create new value, business that leads the future.

It is the first Smart Phone Voice (Speaker/ Microphone) inspector developed and supplied to famous companies.. 


Smart Phone Voice Inspector

 (Speaker/ Microphone)

Optical Applications

Check PCB pattern and defect through optical vision.

Optical Visual Inspector

Product surface inspection

PCB pattern inspection

Surface mount component inspection

Development Progress.

Progress 50%

OLED Electrical Testers

Mobile OLED Display Cell Inspection Equipment.

Development Progress.

Progress 60%

LED/LD Applications

LED / LD chip, package, module products.

Electrical / Optical Characteristic.


PCB artwork for advanced technology.

It is specialized in board design with professional know-how in various industries,

Multilayer PCB
Impedance PCB System
Control PCB